Summer Reading 2022

Art Show For All Ages

Show us your creative side.  The library will be displaying your art project at the Wathena branch June 20 – July 18. Patrons will vote on the best artwork during the summer and a winner will be announced July 18th.

Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program

Library District 1 is excited to announce that the
Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program is now
available for Doniphan County children ages 0-5.
Follow the link provided to sign up

Summer Movies

Joins us for a movie and popcorn.
June 10 @ Troy
June 24 @ Elwood
July 1 @ Highland
July 8 @ Wathena
July 15 @ Troy

BRAG TAGS! - Build A Bracelet

Stop by your local library and grab your brag tag.  When you finish a book come to the library and get a bead of your choice to build your bracelet.  The more you read the more you earn.  

We are using the READER  ZONE  app to track our Summer Reading progress.  Download the app and enter the code to join. 

Summer Reading Events

June 21st Fox Trot Storytime
10:30am @ Troy City Park

July 6th Noah’s Ark Stuffed Animals
1pm @ Highland
(limit of 20 sign up is required)

July 11th Noah’s Ark Stuffed Animals
1pm @ Wathena
(limit of 20 sign up is required)

June 14th Bingo 1pm @ Troy

June 21st Fox Trot Storytime
10:30am @ Troy City Park

June 28th  Paint An Animal 1pm @ Troy

July 14th  Sand Art 1pm @ Highland
(limit of 20 sign up is required)

June 9th Water Wars 1pm @ Elwood

June 14th  Bingo 1pm @ Troy

June 22 Tie-Dye 1pm @ Elwood
(limit of 20 sign up is required)

18 +

June 7th  Speaker James Keynon on
Golden Rule Days and Kansas History
6:30pm @ Wathena

June 14th Paint Party 6pm @ Troy
(limit of 20 Sign up is required)

June 21st Adult Bingo
6:30pm @ Highland

June 30th Seafood  and Trivia Night
6pm @ Wathena

July 12th Adult Bingo
7pm @ Troy
(limit of 30 Sign up is required)

Family Fun

Meet us at the Remington Nature Center,
1502 MacArthur Drive, St. Joseph, MO.
June 17 @ 9:45 am. We will be meeting at the nature center! Everyone is responsible for getting themselves to and from. We will feed fish, cut up worms and go on a scavenger hunt. .

Kansas State Parks has partnered with the Library District 1, Doniphan County to provide free, daily vehicle permits available for checkout to Kansas library patrons. 

How It Works

Go to a participating library and ask to checkout a Kansas State Parks vehicle Permit.
Each participating family may receive 1 pass per household.
Each issued vehicle permit will be good for one day only, which will be written on the front of the permit.
Park permits do not need to be returned to participating libraries, they can be simply discarded once the patron is done using the permit or when the permit expires.
Patrons using these daily vehicle permits are responsible for displaying the permit in their vehicle windshield when entering the Parks.
For more information about the summer pass go to Kansas Parks website.

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Fun & Educational Sites

3 Dinosaurs –  Ocean and Beach printables and activities for kids.
BCPK – Ocean coloring pages for adults and children.
Monterey Bay Aquarium – Educational information on the ocean and sea creatures. 
National Aquarium – Live stream videos.
National Aquarium : Virtual tour of the aquarium.
National Geographic For Kids – All about the ocean and sea creatures.
New England Aquarium – Educational resources and activities for teachers, families, kids and adults.
Seattle Aquarium – Education resources and activities.
Sea World – Animal facts, coloring pages, games.

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