Library Events

Learn to Work From Home

You may be looking for resources to help you work from home. Through the North East Kansas Library System, we have received the following information. These classes are unlocked and at no charge for a limited time. Feel free to browse and learn! Click the link below.

  1. Working remotely
  2. Time Management: Working from Home 
  3. Productivity Tips: Finding your Productive Mindset
  4. Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls
  5. Thriving @ Work: Leveraging the Connection between Well-Being and Productivity
  6. Managing Stress for Positive Change
  7. Building Resilience
  8. Developing Resourcefulness
  9. Leading at a Distance
  10. Managing Virtual Teams
  11. Leading Virtual Meetings
  12. Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks
  13. Learning Skype
  14. Learning BlueJeans Meetings
  15. Learning WebEx
  16. Learning Zoom