Library History and Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Library District # 1, Doniphan County enables people of all ages to improve their quality of life by providing information and enrichment through traditional resources and new technology.


When patrons get a library card at one location, it is good at any of the 4 Library District #1 Doniphan County branches. Check out and return books or attend programs at any location. #onecountyonecard

History of the Library

In 1974, the ladies of the SLK (Seekers of Light and Knowledge) began to work at establishing a public library for everyone in Doniphan County. They knew that Doniphan County was the only county in Kansas without a public library. The issue went to a vote and passed officially in 1975. A newly formed board representing 5 out of 7 townships strove to provide service to the whole county by setting up Branch Libraries in Highland, Wathena, and Elwood, with a Central Library in Troy.

Library District #1 Doniphan County was established in 1975 in Troy, KS. The downtown Troy storefront which the library has occupied since its origin has previously been a Laundromat, a car dealership, and the site of a blacksmith shop in the 1800′s.

Through the years, the library has added more branches to serve the many communities of the county.

In Elwood, the library branch shares a building that was once a segregated school. Now, it is a community gathering place, with space for the Senior Center, the Boy Scouts, and a commons area. In 1993, Elwood was caught in the flood.  The water came almost up to the ceiling, and all materials were destroyed, which prompted a major renovation.

In Highland, the library branch was in a corner of the Senior Center for years, until a local organization offered to rent out the first floor of their two-story building in downtown Highland. Since 2006, the library branch has been cozily ensconced between the hair salon and the funeral home.

In Wathena, the library branch began in City Hall in 1976, where it was housed for years. After a generous donor set up a trust to benefit the library, the decision was made to find a larger, more permanent home for the collection. In 2013, the Wathena branch opened in its new location, just down the street from City Hall.